Monday, March 26, 2012

Circle Quilt Back

So I know that I have a lot of projects going but I really can't help it. Although I have only recently bought fabric to finish what I already have I have many things going so don't be surprised when I just pick up a conversation about some project that you have never seen. With all that said, I am currently working on a lap quilt back inspired by a project that I learned in an online class on sewing curves over at Stitched in Color. Excellent class by the way well worth the investment.
As you can see the wind was definitely getting the best of my small photo shoot. Every time I got ready to shoot the wind would come from no where. So I had to improvise, can you see my daughter in the picture below.

She enjoyed holding the quilt down the quilt for me. She was wanting a shoot all of her own.

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  1. Hey Shelitha! I see you're putting your curves knowledge into practice! Lovely circle. I like how you improv'd the piecing.

  2. Gorgeous!! Looks like you have a wonderful little helper there to combat the wind! :)

  3. Cool circle! I am the same way - many projects going at once - I just can't help myself. Wanted to let you know - I've listed your blog on my "Liebster" list:).